Friday, September 16, 2011

I love you

Hamid Karzai is a fascinating character.

I listen to the news, probably too often. One day I might hear about the scandal and controversy surrounding this person.  I hear how his brother was involved in the drug trade moving opium, another day I hear his brother is killed and as the casket is prepared for burial, he dives in weeping; it takes scores of people to remove him. I hear how he once supported the initial Taliban ideal only to come to a conclusion in line with Ahmad Shah Massoud and the northern alliance. I hear how he is surrounded by corruption, and seemingly uncorrupted himself. How I would love, to sit and ask him all about it.

It's the conflict and aura that attract my attention. I know nothing about him in reality, only reflections of him delivered through media. But something compelling endures that translation, or is it a transliteration in some cases? There are so many events and ideas that surround his existence, that draw the attention of the world--It seems as though he is to be written off as a liability particularly where American politics are concerned, though he obviously possesses an understanding that trumps and theater produced for and perceived by most domestic audiences.

But theater is exactly what draws me to this character. It is such a good story. Imagine a film that captures his persona against the context of the chaos surrounding him. He has these particular flaws, that add so much texture to the story. I once heard that Karl Eikenberry or someone in the embassy staff said that Karzai was off his meds. Who would know what to think of their medication if they were the mayor of Kabul? There's a great fucking story here...

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